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solo electronic digital music
photographic and graphic design digital images
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Patrick Cheatham, Sole Owner and Digital Media Artist



A Small Digital Arts Company

One-Person Development and Arts Company

  • A one-person owned, sole proprietorship small business
  • A member managed Limited Liability Company
  • A home-based small business, of one home office location
  • A disabled veteran owned small business
  • An independent self-publishing company, publishing only the owner's crafts
  • A Microsoft Store registered application developer
  • An ASCAP registered music label and musician
  • A royalty-only earning small business, with no physical sales involving licenses.

Basic Costs Covered Independent of Sales

My monthly and yearly personal financing of Talon 38 Personal Media expenses and activities flows in from minor excess personal funds available monthly, from pay sources requiring no employment time or work on my part. Those sources are my military retired officer's personal income and veteran's disability personal income. Basic monthly personal financing covers very light monthly company service subscriptions, and adds up adequate to amply fund mild to moderate technology gear and office item additions or improvements spent over the calendar year. This has consistently held the company at a minimum self-sufficiency state, even while income generated by Talon 38 Personal Media has totalled to less than $10 per year. For the remainder of 2018 and into the first half of 2019, I plan on greatly improving gross income beyond digital music streams, and boost inflows primarily by way of holding paid musician performances, and secondarily by way of Microsoft Store app sales royalties.

Digital Music Earning Very Small Sales

By way of a $19.95 per month service subscription, Talon 38 Personal Media independently maintains 3 published Drift Flaw electronic music albums in circulation. This service utilizes ReverbNation to provide continual copy and distribution of the 3 albums live with over 40 music listening/streaming and purchase online services. Royalty incomes from Spotify and iTunes are greatest, however income from music streams and track purchases typically totals between $0.75 and $2.00 per month. The current paradigm in digital music composing and production is to primarily offer the resulting tracks for free listening and/or download. The philosophy is rewarding in that priority is for the tracks to flow to an outlet of pleased listeners, rather than flounder with little or no outlet. It took only a short period of time to understand that this wider release of my musician's works was what mattered most to me, regardless of failing to provide monetary compensation on par with my efforst or the quality of the music tracks. Legislation is underway worldwide to improve the reimbursement quantities such that publishers and musical artists are better compensated by services per digital stream or download, but until then, earnings from music streams and sales I consider negligable and essentially irrelevant. Better outcomes may likely soon be attainable by way of establishing regular solo performance gigs at smaller venues such as restaurants and cafes. This might enhance company life significantly, if able to provide between $100 and $500 per month inflow to Talon 38 Personal Media, as this would then henceforth shoulder the weight of basic monthly company service subscriptions, with extra to spare for asset improvements and additions. Feasibly the company could begin to be self-financing in operations, instead of depending on personal retirement and disability income slight overages.

Artist's Ways

An Accomplished Digital Artist

Patrick studied advanced drawing and illustration techniques for technical drafting during many elective semesters of high school. The cirriculum included object rotations and transforms in 3D, perspective drawing with 1, 2, and 3 vanishing points, and precision drafting for machining instructions for submission in part manufacture.


During undergraduate education, Patrick learned procedural computer programming expertise as applied to real engineering analyses. Then also, recreationally Patrick self-taught in acrylic mural painting techniques. During graduate school, Patrick studied advanced numerical methods for computational algorithms. After graduate school, Patrick served as an aeronautical engineer exploring the research and development usage of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to complement physical test measured data collection. Patrick then also recreationally self-taught according to a comprehensive artistic hand drawing primer, becoming accomplished at freehand pencil and chalk drawing.


Later, while serving as a military pilot, Patrick recreationally self-taught in event-driven computer programming for advanced angle orientation calculations, to support peer friends wanting aviation planning tools. Patrick also recreationally self-developed skills and acumen at scenic and microcosm SLR slide photography, and recreationally learned proficiency with air pump driven airbrushing techniques.


After retirement from active duty military status, Patrick recreationally self-taught in website design using advanced markup and styling languages, and developer hosting plans, to support personal project website presentation for friends to access his photography and software works. In this period, while professionally serving as a software programmer, Patrick grew adept with object-oriented programming languages, and acted as an early advocate and expert in .NET Framework technologies and managed code languages such as C#. Then also, Patrick recreationally self-taught musician's Digital Audio Workstation music production as well as software-based synthesizer design and utilization. During this period Patrick also recreationally gained expertise at video production software and animation software. Patrick recreationally dedicated an immense amount of free time, effort, and good learning toward the 2001 Adobe and Microsoft Media Player Skin contest, learning Photoshop techniques very in-depth, and becoming proficient at a variant of JavaScript for code-behind.

Software Development

Experienced App Developer

Software 38 logo


Technologies utilized include: Visual Studio Community Edition (free to solo developers), C# and VB Managed coding languages, Universal Windows Platform (UWP), .NET Core, Xamarin Forms, ASP.NET Core, Azure, and Windows Media Foundation.

Productivity App Projects

  • Color Aide
  • Base 9 Calculator
  • Font Aide
  • Mild Backgrounds
  • Event Countdown
  • Folder Aide
  • Freeform Tasks
  • Skies View
  • Realizer
  • Structured Author
  • Symbol Aide
  • Flexible Financial

Device Hardware Targeted

App projects under development are aimed initially at usage on PC desktop and laptop computers running the Windows 10 operating system. Then Android smartphone devices are next to be supported, offering mobile versions of original apps that in many cases would synchronize with preexisting Windows 10 app data. Last, in some future cases, web applications for browsers might be supported, to allow for independent online access to application features, when installed Windows 10 or Android apps are not available for users to access.

Developer Techniques

Switching work between multiple app projects has proven very effective in leveraging lessons learned from design work on differing user interfaces, with differing feature access and engagement sequencing, and differing business logic driving the project by unseen event code. Cases of blocked creativity or stubborn bugs encountered in a project never ceased or retarded overall progress, as a switch could be made to work on another project, allowing later look at the problem(s). Also, each exposure to different projects tended to raise new insights unique to the technology and coder's methodology applicable in each differing project. Innovations paved to completion in a project could then be implemented similarly elsewhere, to embellish, improve, or be duplicated in other projects. The synergistic benefits of multiple project work are tried and proven and prompt a decision to prefer such switching be used in future app development work sessions.

Music Composing

Autumn Flaw

Drift Flaw Halloween Style logo
Electronic Musician


"Naturalist electronic music, with crisp cadence percussion"


Autumn Flaw music style mixes ambient with techno genres,

features classic rock percussion, and aims to provide relief

and escape by way of pauses, resets, and reinitiations

of favorite musical segments


Musician's Website:

Image Graphics

Representative Portfolio


Graphic Design and Photography Examples



  • airbrush art
  • airbrush art
  • scenic art
  • scenic art


Artist's Website:

Blog Authoring

Optional Approach

Here I write concerning many factors and philosophies to Liberty theory, and I also take various positions on legal codes or organizational policies that seem to have handled liberties and human rights poorly. Posts in this blog explore basics of human nature, treatment of the self, and social interplay and constructs between individuals.


Blogger's Website:

Natural City Paganism

Here I write on subjects related to paganism, animism, pantheism, naturalism, and flawism (or imperfectionism) with a free attitude to put forth holistic interpretations of the possible forces of this natural world, and the sort of interpretations which typically seem very odd, taboo, or maligned for being nonsense. Flawism explorations are included in the subject matter, illustrating the beauties of uniqueness and ever changing transformation with time. Here I specifically want to develop ideas to serve and guide better at integrating urban nature with wilderness nature, to attain a more fluid feel for the beauty of both in accord and interrelating, rather than have the green and gray oppose one another in contention, as our culture has long forced such a world splitting view upon us.


Blogger's Website:

Commercial History

Starting Assets

Talon 38 Personal Media was founded on December 28th, 2015. Patrick Cheatham placed into the ownership of Talon 38 Personal Media the following, in order of decreasing value: (1) a very valuable library of software algorithm and business logic intellectual property, (2) an album catalogue of music publisher's artistic property, (3) a moderate cost suite of desktop and laptop PC hardware with peripheral devices, (4) an economical suite of musician's professional audio hardware, (5) a collection of computer software and software service online subscriptions, (6) office furniture, (7) professional books, (8) office supplies, and (9) a very small cash investment to establish a company checking bank account.

Craft Guides

Vision - (under revision)

Talon 38 Personal Media crafts and publishes software, digital music, digital photography, digital graphic designs, and blog topics that users and fans may find enjoyable, or may find to be valuable toward their tasks and endeavors.

Values - (under revision)

  1. Work lifestyle while at company task is to be flexible and inspired, involving enjoyable daily routines, and offering regular affirming accomplishments.
  2. Software, music, and art created are to thrive and flow in large scale via digital media, finding a solid and broad base of pleased users and fans.

Publishing - (under revision)

Talon 38 Personal Media maintains publisher status and rights, and stands as a publisher requesting copy and distribution. Digital copy, print, and distribution of software, music, and images is accomplished by third party companies. Software app intellectual property files and digital music files are embedded with metadata tags, with the Publisher tag reading "Talon 38 Personal Media, LLC" and the Copyright tag reading "Copyright © Talon 38 Personal Media," with release year embedded.

Prospects of Value

Software Skills Value

Software app project development efforts of the past two years or more, or since approximately January of 2016, have grown my Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and .NET Core skills and familiarity profoundly, with the coding and learning gone by now established as holding great worth to the company: the savvy and expertise I now possess, due to my skill growth from years of self-teaching via spurious and interrupted software app development surges.

Artistic Status

App Projects Progress

In addition to self-teaching value gained from the past two and more years of working software app project development, much progress has been charted in initial fill-out of app purpose and features, for over six different app projects. More headway has been made than can be assessed in implementations in code and design completed. This different sort of headway is imbued in the wisdoms gained, plans changed, technologies learned, and features dreamed up, which altogether have served to refine and progress ahead the nature of each app project so considered, regardless of stoppages in design layout progress or coding progress.

Artistic Ahead

Seeking Informal Reviewers

Informal reviewers may provide feedback on software development and artistic works in progress, on a strictly volunteer basis with no performance obligation, and for no compensation. Informal review feedback can benefit Talon 38 Personal Media by returning objective opinions on app concepts, by sparking fresh software feature ideas if coming to the mind of the reviewer(s), by critiquing music track demos, experimentations, and proposed new album themes, by offering outsider perspective on subject choices for photography and graphic designs, and by providing style opinions to refine blog post writing. Prospective reviewers will be approached to potentially act as such, based on reliability, familiarity, established trust and solid personal association, likely affinity and attraction to my artistic creations, and artistic and technical savvy to lend expertise in reviews.


Name and Temporary Biography

Patrick L. Cheatham

Master of Science, Aeronautical Engineering

Captain U.S. Air Force (retired)

Points of Contact