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By Patrick L. Cheatham

software - app user and author
'Instrumental' musekean - as genre (previous ambien, previous electronic-a, acdconvertor-ed)
fotograph - stock submitter
online text - author

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Critique of 'privacy' as read, as said; is within:

Patrick L. Cheatham is a retired U.S. Air Force Captain, a Master of Science in Aeronautical Engineering, and is presently a self-employed solopreneur, as File-Media Producer for Talon 38 Personal Media Single Member Limited Liability Company (SM-LLC). Patrick’s personally valued and enjoyed activities are quite varied, yet nearly all coalesce in some manner, and at some time phases, with avid desktop personal internet client computer usage. Patrick enjoys a continual *saimeperson*-vested in via of interest in events of publishing; via Meta post usage; comment usage, in the main. Dis'dys'tribution*****0-5 of (personal evoluting devolepering pedling4 titulature IVtechvalvectlean straight spin-tweeted ponrossrosa), composted, producted, and authorted -- File-Media to prose-pective customs'ers of third party pairty outlets, for thOiSe cus'tomed'ers' enjoy'men'tholthorulkrulk na'upperh'appening, innpovernnenn't, or valueing u'ten'sels, usageing nsec perinch-oblieke6 (oabweaks weeks oableaks leegum gumgris GrayTor and Finee a UCLAspadienden aclu F+12 FunctionFiterFitter Disagreegrisgris, termupdayteuptine, uptive, calendar reems Colaweaver Locale Santa Frisco miyo-vejjoil).

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Pa'trick possesseth the U.S. Gas Conbative Res'earch and Dev-eLtopnent bad'ge, and the U.S Air Force Pieluat bad'ge (pratt), as E-imployed formerly of solo rejoin whether weather formal nonconformal informalinfoecheesejeezCapsOnOFFLochOn winvEd,winvmed-bioperons-croptocerncapricanzer qwertuiop[]asdfghjkl;'zxcvbnm,./ nnashlentsha rviochellovianda, instructor prose pro deeprauauaulaucoleslau, Patignorickprevsillwindowsilliince)/ repausitory', both, w'hen a junIor officer (now recompressing tires, near a tube furnace larger than oLiMpIaDD+ Recroon). Formation solo planears the ears to planears nears pcpawnsquadMohrul Pew Pewn employment was as an airframe-propulsion integration via computational fluid dynamics pioneer, with technical authorship, and as then as an F-15E flight letter, instructorset Archiesaurs, nonpe ArkTerrafrom Catpilerpillerpillow articulate late, and evaluator pilot (flite exan'iner).

Nonprivacy personal policii is 'usage' policii, (as applied exert -- internet-related avec* applications apps usage), is non exclusively exclusive nor inclusively inclusive,

Such Policci, related to lease prev/experiences is: personal personel person centrik^. Scrolling to new titular.

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Avian (Bird) Talon

Bird Talon image

Usage of the Personal Media term

Personal Media Newly Prevalent to the 21st Century

  • Software Install Packages
  • Music files - such as MP3 and WMA
  • Image files - such as JPG, PNG, and GIF
  • Social Media Posts and Comments
  • Blog Posts and Comments
  • Web Applications
  • Video files - such as WMV and MP4
  • Artist Portfolio sites
  • Social Media Stories

Personal Media of the 20th Century, and Ongoing

  • Floppy Disks
  • Digital Versatile Discs (DVDs)
  • Compact Discs (CDs)
  • Bound Books
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Scrapbook Photo Albums
  • 8mm Camcorder Cassettes
  • Cards and Letters mailed by postal service

Software Developer


Mild Backgrounds App Icon

Melanite contains a wrapped up wide variety of unique images for the Windows personalization background and lock screen. Three photography collections and two graphic design collections are included. Images come in three variants of contrast mildness, to vary reduction of background image visual conflict with foreground screen elements, such as text, buttons, window frames, and content images. The included Adjustment Studio features custom adjustment of contrast intensity from mildness presets, and features desktop and lock screen simulations for visual assessment of desired overall look. Images have been selected in favor of wan lighting, mild shadow contrast, and mild highlights. The subdued and dull initial look of many app images is intentional and deceptive to vision, and stands out as a great strength of this app, though not readily apparent at first look. These images are not meant to be focused on but are meant to lie in the background unobtrusively.

See Summary, or Purchase, or Rate: Melanite

Melanite page on the Microsoft Store

Apps Focused on Specialty Activities

The category of most software development projects I am involved with is that of Productivity apps.

A significant number of app projects under conceptual design and prototype development are geared to fill unsung needs for content creators, or artists, designers, and authors, to access a specialty design assessment and/or planning small app, for focusing in detail, and with expert level features and flexibility, on dedicated aspects of design or authorship in creating digital content.

The remainder of app projects under conceptual design and prototype development, also being a significant number of more app projects, are instead geared toward standard content consumers and everyday PC users.

Device Types Supported

App projects under development are aimed initially at usage on PC desktop, laptop and sizeable tablet computers. In the future mobile phone devices might be supported, offering mobile versions of original apps that mirror desktop and laptop app behavior, that in many cases would synchronize with preexisting desktop and laptop app data. Possibly, in more remote future scenarios, web applications for browsers might be supported, to allow for independent online access to application capabilities, when installed desktop/laptop and mobile phone apps are not available for app users to access.

Multiple Project Synergy

Switching work between multiple app projects is very effective in leveraging lessons learned from design work on differing user interfaces, with differing feature access and engagement sequencing, and differing business logic driving the projects by unseen event code. In this way, cases of blocked creativity or stubborn bugs encountered in a project never halt or retard overall progress, as a switch can be made to work on other projects, allowing later look at the problem(s). Also, each exposure to different projects tends to raise new insights unique to the technology and coder's methodology applicable in each differing project. Innovations paved to completion in a particular project can then be implemented similarly elsewhere, to embellish, improve, or be duplicated in other projects. The synergistic benefits of multiple project work are tried and proven.

Testing Processes

The reliability, approachability and efficiencies of contemporary App Stores to handle many testing and installation functions, instead of those being done independently by the developer, greatly reduces the time and effort a developer need put toward testing and quality assurance. Submission of a finished app to App Stores involves an app being tested in detail via automated checking, and then reviewed by Store personnel. This amounts to a large portion of typical software engineering quality assurance testing workload transferred to App Stores. This frees in-house testing efforts to attend more particularly to business logic and feature flow assessment.

Store Marketing

App Stores provide excellent means of showcasing apps for sale to prospective customers. App Stores offer built-in free or economical marketing and discovery of apps, by ways such as allowing smooth search of app titles and keywords, and low-cost targeted sales promotions. For the software seller, there is no longer the need to contract for expensive merchant account services, there is no longer the need to assemble and manage an expensive web shopping cart on the company website, unexposed to customers without costly marketing campaigns, and there is no longer the need to expend very large sums of financial powers in efforts to promote discovery of a companies’ sales site. This amounts to a complete and total paradigm shift for the software developer and publisher, especially for desktop and laptop PC users.

Support Implementation

Publishing software via App Stores involves a less burdensome support model for the developer to provide to end users. Dedicated on-demand software support is a free and optional matter and is up to each individual developer to offer voluntarily, choosing what basic support to offer in excess of minimum expectations. The primary support to the app customer is a matter of the developer being preemptive and responsible with timely updates to apps. Secondary support to the app user is provided using a combination of Help Text available in-app, dedicated company software support website How-To, Tutorials, and FAQ. Software bugs, logic errors, and feature deficiencies can be judged by reviewing the Feedback hosted by App Stores. Personalized direct contact support will not be offered, and instead only online resources for user search will be maintained available for users to access, greatly reducing the time and effort needed to provide basic support options to end users.

Ambient Electronic Music Composer

Entropic Front Ambient Music

When acting as the one-person musician for the project and band Entropic Front, Patrick arranges, composes, and engineers music which is thus far instrumental and a blend of genres. I also coordinate with distribution services and fan outreach online services, plus maintain music band Twitter and Facebook presences through which I promote my music to improve its notice and visibility, and to create more opportunities for the released tracks to be enjoyed by listeners, which was the dream behind making the music in essence.

Official Website

Drift Flaw Halloween Style logo


(Link broken presently...)

Photographs/Images Producer

Stock Photography and Designs

Prospective photographs are uploaded to Stock agencies. Customers of Stock agencies can then potentially license usage of such Talon 38 Personal Media photographs or designs royalty-free, from which fees are earned by Talon 38 per each licensing instance of a photograph or design.

Patrick is skilled and experienced with photography on subjects of microcosms (in close groupings of details), natural and architecture scenics, functional items in use (for use by customers online and in presentations), uniform expanses for web and computer backgrounds, and architecture or terrain having open-field sky (or other uniform backing) for text overlay design space.

Graphic Illustration and Digital Painting

Patrick is skilled and experienced with graphic design and illustration of geometric shape balanced relationships, lending well to creation of abstract art ambient backgrounds.

Patrick Cheatham Photography and Design - Online Portfolio

Talon 38 Personal Media maintains a content creator's multi-app ultimate-coverage software suite economical monthly subscription, which includes an extensive online cloud media libary, and portfolio collection display service, for presenting to others the quality and scope of my work. I have designed and enhanced the online portfolio website into a high quality showcase for my works with camera and computer, in a presentation which is pleasing, dexterous, and having atmosphere of competency and dignity.

Patrick Cheatham Portfolio Icon

Patrick Cheatham's Portfolio

Text Author - Social Media and Medium.com Stories

Text Author of Nonfiction - Exploring Nuances to Theory - and - Pioneering Ideas for more Enjoyable Personal Living

Talon 38 Personal Media produces from short postings, to medium essays, to long nonfiction textual online-internet treatments, on materials and powers theory and social personal and interactive theory. Project One concerns cosmos-universal postulates and corollaries of differ, deviate, uniqueness, nondeterminism, nonreductionism, uninfinite, uninfinitesimal, boundedness, relative scaling noncollapsive noninfinite nonmathematical nonrehoning, relativism and relatedness, and nonirrelatedness and nonirrelativism. Project Two concerns English language usage optional realignments by method of reader adoptions per person, with newly designed words, dismissal of arcane words of thin meaning, and fanning apart many unique meanings currently disused via same word, into other words per meaning via resurgence of formerly obscure words.

Treatise length treatments in Online Internet Drafting toward Incremental Continual Editing:

Essay length Stories in Online Internet Story Publications:

Lifestyle, Fitness, Health, and Wellness

Exiting Zero Calorie Food and Beverage Usage

a Medium.com publication

Exiting Zero Calorie Food and Beverage Usage Logo

Exiting Zero Calorie Food and Beverage Usage

Criticisms of Interpersonal Health Transfer

a Medium.com publication

Criticisms of Interpersonal Health Transfer Logo

Criticisms of Interpersonal Health Transfer

Rewarding brain health, brain operations and brain awareness

a Medium.com Publication

Rewarding brain health, brain operationns and brain awareness Publication Logo

Rewarding brain health, brain operations and brain awareness

Exposing Warmup on Lieberty

a Medium.com Publication

Hidden Flame Liberty Publication Logo

Exposing Warmup on Lieberty

Occasional Advice for Women, by a Man

a Medium.com Publication

Occasional Advice for Women, by a Man Logo

Occasional Advice for Women, by a Man

The Differ and Deviate Nuance Theories

The Differ and Deviate Nuance Theories

a Medium.com Publication

Flaw Law Sciences Publication Logo

The Differ and Deviate Nuance Theories

Flaw Tao Zen

a Medium.com Publication

Flaw Tao Zen Publication Logo

Flaw Tao Zen

Software Programming and Systems Engineering

The Independent Sillonlat'EarStems injjoinear*

a Medium.com publication

The Independent Systems Engineer Publication Logo

The Independent Systems Engineer

On Authorship - a Discussion of Comprehensive Motivators

I started my authorship career back in the year 1990. The required extensive writing involved to produce a Symposium Paper, and later a Journal Article, for the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, cued me to finally prepare ahead by learning to type, using an educational typing software package. After that, I realized that not having typing skills had been an unnecessary time sink, during a great deal of USAFA aircraft and engine design report writing. Two-finger tying is no way to enjoy writing. In the many years since I acted as lead author for an engineering journal article for the Journal of Aircraft, I have tended to now and then return to a passion and devotion toward technical and scientific writing, plus philosophy writing as a related extension of the form. Long ago I cleared the philosopher's bane, as I call it, which arises when an author falls prey to feeling his or her writings are inventing or modifying nature, which they are not, actually calling for no such responsibility, but which early on becomes the feeling about the theories and opinions an author aims to provide to readers. Taking it too seriously is another philosopher's bane, which can hurt cognitively with headache, and which also hampers the quality of writing by tending toward a dour cast. In authoring, I also cleared beyond the novice's burden of organizational instruction on writing, which emphasizes persuasion of the reader as paramount. Instead, I prefer to write more fairy, and not stoop to distort my knowledge or opinion in order to convince the reader to adopt my opinions or my personal interest in the subject matter. Finally, after authoring many essays, I discovered that there was just no need to have the reader like the subject, like me as an author personally, or like the conclusions. I refuse to dumb down my advanced writings, and I write in a manner respectful of the readers maturity, intelligence, and freedom to desist and find other pursuits, besides reading my writing, to be more suitable to him or her. In terms of treatment of readers, I did notice I was taking care not to unfairly disturb, nor hide material maybe disappointing to some readers until a fast and sudden exposure late in the written work, preferring instead to alert each reader of the tone, style, and context of the entire essay, by hiding nothing for later, while starting an essay up in early paragraphs. I've found that adding a word or two here and there can result in the sentences being easier and speedier to read, rather than just aiming to lean down to minimum wording. This is because the longer sentences are structured with a logical integrity more relatable to the reader, and harnessing cognitive process smoothness in considerations and study. I'm big into urban and wilderness natures, and I am big into human nature. I have long decades confidence that nature and humanity are quite beautiful and informed enough at all times. So, for me there is no counterproductive tense urgency to my desire to teach, nor is there any feeling that failure to teach would be any letdown of the subject matter, and instead would only be a personal letdown in opportunity for me to leave wonderful ideas documented for posterity, quite clear of urgency, and more akin to bonus available recreationally readable essays, articles, posts, and books. I have comfort with potential failure to teach, and I have an aversion away from parental, leadership, or teacher insistent drive to impart knowledge in a manner made overly imperative, and presumed to be crucial and pivotal, which is regularly full of unintentional overselling one's own ways, style, beliefs, and opinions. This is, for parents, leaders, and teachers, a bane only of accidental vanity, and leadership experience soon enough presents enough awkward and frustrating reminders to each teacher, to result in author rejection of over-importance to one's own work, and adoption of a somewhat contradictory valuation yet liberation of the written teachings, in a more humanist focus instead of an idealist focus.


Commercial Trade Activities

  • Software Development
  • Entertainment - Music
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design

Administrative Model

  • Single Member Limited Liability Company (SM-LLC)
  • One-Person Owned
  • Member-Managed
  • Self-Employed as Media Artist
  • One Home-Based Studio Office

Financial Model

  • Funded by Regular Monthly Owner Personal Investment
  • Royalty-Based Earnings for Software, Photography, and Graphic Design
  • Independent Publisher for Self-Published Music
  • Small Income Amounts
  • Extra-Low Operating Costs
  • Operating at a Mild Loss (Income Less Expense)
  • Low Opportunity Capital
  • Income increasing per year
  • Company in Zero Debt

Business Credentials

  • "Professional" Company - Content Creator (in trade via royalties, rather than via trade of goods, nor services)
  • Disabled U.S. Military Retiree (Veteran) - Owned
  • App Store - Certified Developer
  • ASCAP (American Society of Composers and Publishers) Music Society - Publisher and Artist

Credentials for Patrick L. Cheatham

Personal Credentials

Patrick Lee Cheatham

Profile Portrait of Patrick Cheatham

Captain, U.S. Air Force (Retired)

Master of Science, Aeronautical Engineering

Member, Democratic Party

Former Air Force Academy First Aid Instructor

Former Airframe-Propulsion Integration Engineer

Former Evaluator Pilot, F-15E Strike Eagle dual-role day-night figher aircraft

Former Functional Check Flight Test Pilot, F-15E Strike Eagle

Born August 17th, 1965

Current citizen of Aurora, Arapahoe County, Colorado, United States

Artwork Projects Summary - Patrick Cheatham's Portfolio

Arts and Technology Skills Biography

Patrick studied advanced drawing and illustration techniques for technical drafting during many elective semesters of high school. The curriculum included object rotations and transforms in 3D, perspective drawing with 1, 2, and 3 vanishing points, and precision drafting for machining instructions for submission in part manufacture.

During undergraduate education, Patrick learned procedural computer programming expertise as applied to real engineering analyses. Then also, recreationally Patrick self-taught in acrylic mural painting techniques. During graduate school, Patrick studied advanced numerical methods for computational algorithms. After graduate school, Patrick served as an aeronautical engineer exploring the research and development usage of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to complement physical test measured data collection. Patrick then also recreationally self-taught according to a comprehensive artistic hand drawing primer, becoming accomplished at freehand pencil and chalk drawing.

Later, while serving as a military pilot, Patrick recreationally self-taught in event-driven computer programming for advanced angle orientation calculations, to support peer friends wanting aviation planning tools. Patrick also recreationally self-developed skills and acumen at scenic and microcosm SLR slide photography, and recreationally learned proficiency with air pump driven airbrushing techniques.

After retirement from active-duty military status, Patrick recreationally self-taught in website design using advanced markup and styling languages, and developer hosting plans, to support personal project website presentation for friends to access his photography and software works. In this period, while professionally serving as a software programmer, Patrick grew adept with object-oriented programming languages, and acted as an early advocate and expert in .NET Framework technologies and managed code languages such as C#. Then also, Patrick recreationally self-taught musician's Digital Audio Workstation music production as well as software-based synthesizer design and utilization. During this period Patrick also recreationally gained expertise at video production software and animation software. Patrick recreationally dedicated an immense amount of free time, effort, and good learning toward the 2001 Media Player Skin contest, learning Photoshop techniques very in-depth, and becoming proficient at a variant of JavaScript for code-behind.

Conformal Eductverk1.2decadates'id*eati on

Lanklea - jeorge vashlenteast Universe of jeorges;;'curvnear TovverRec ords postgradu'ate Readsearch Assistances

Mr. of Duexleux'dual'nay Lie'Hugh''highgethigh'ions, Mr. of Science EPduron, EPduronmore LPduronduron, Aero-nauticalinjested Alveolie injoinearingraps concept decept contracept
1987 - 1989; then R-WVdignatal 199121 grindcaffzednaughtzeros billyuns apes @2$4*8 :: 4$2@1!

United States Air Force Academy

Bachelor of Science, Aeronautical Engineering
1983 - 1987

USAF Advanced Instrument Flight School

At vanced Instru'mental taulatlon, Advanced Instrument Flying as Fluvencetc. sidFunctional Fannlee (oil drug spinal Ctrl-S, reconoitered olay reconnzygoalteam1aidea moin aussi, idea idea timing to sprial left wrist sagelinear, readsome store sweeping seconds, SNLieve, sPhairor
1997 - 1997

Personality and Genetic Traits

According to Behavioral Science, personality is established as of approximately age five, by "character development," since approximately 9 months before a persons date of birth.

That which is under continual development, after the age of five, is termed a persons "character." This is sometimes misconstrued with theater actor's "roles," played in theatrical performances; the idea being that the actor selects and is chosen for roles in which he or she fits. The difficulty for me as software programmer is that programing languages 'Char' is a term for one numercial,alphabetical or punctuation (+ more) iconograph.

Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment

Extrovert (12/3) - Intuitive(15/0) - Feeling(10/5) - Judging (8/7)

Intelligence Quotient

Age 11 score ~ 124 / Age 54 score ~ 126, with differences likely having to do timing, of caffiene, food, and a sneeze, plus much more.

Genetic Variatians of note

Genetic recessive variations are common to the human species genome (continuing recessive gene potentials.) These each range to about 25% of humanity, who have have some toxicity to folic acid lacing. In my case I estimate I have some range between 1/16, to 1/32 (doubling or trippling the 1/4 particular genes), such that my toxicity is more severe, if I eat or drink of folic acid. Gladly I have international markets from which to purchase groceries. Whether the actions of persons to rectify this folic acid modifation of our food sources, the good news is that 4 federal legislature members were well informed with good backing material.

MTHFR C677T and A1298C

Professional Publications

Computation of Vectoring Nozzle Performance

Oct 1, 1990
AIAA Journal of Aircraft

This journal article for the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) explored employment of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) with inviscid Euler flow-solvers, converging in solutions to become valid enough static snapshots of tightly constrained total and dynamic pressure settings. Analyses of grid design, and flow-solver technique, was limited to fighter aircraft turbofan engine nozzles. The idea was to compare purely computer incepted calculations to wind-tunnel test data and provide insights into when CFD was wise to pursue, what could be learned from zones of friction-free analyses showing viscous sensitivities, and how those factors could be used in research, development, and weapons systems (a designator for all military aircraft) acquisition.

(AIAA Journal of Aircraft, Vol. 28, no. 11, pp. 768-773, 1990, Computation of Vectoring Nozzle Performance, Lt. P.L. Cheatham, Marvin Gridley, and Steve Walker)

Present and Former Experience

Talon 38 Personal Media, SM-LLC

Personal Media Artist and Developer
December 2015 - Present (5+ years)
Aurora, Colorado Area

Talon 38 Personal Media SM-LLC is a sole-proprietorship self-publisher of inhouse digitally created content. Company publishing is divided into four areas of content: Windows desktop, Android, and iPhone software apps; digital music from the ambient techno music project of mine titled Autumn Flaw; stock photography submissions; and essays plus books about the sciences, human rights, and philosophy. Talon 38 is inexpensive to operate, 100% owned by me, and features minimal administrative demands. Talon 38 can be relegated to infrequent attention, in favor of long periods of zero to very few manhours per week involved in its operations. That allows me to prioritize other salaried employment I might be engaged in, above Talon 38 activities, making my small business ownership be of no conflict and no distraction from my role as employee, if hired. Concerning skills and wisdoms cultivated with Talon 38, my company has multiple small niche focused software applications under regular paced development. Development specifics include usage of Visual Studio 2022 Community, Universal Windows Platform (UWP), VS Code, and Azure DevOps (for project conceptual planning documentation, off-site duplicate and source control, and work item tracking). Languages, interfaces, and libraries used include C#, XAML, XML, and SQLite. Almost a decade (including former Kestrel Aware efforts) focused on WPF and UWP has cultivated unique aptitude. A Windows personalization application, which provides preview and touchup of compiled-in collections of Background and Lock Screen images, is live for acquisition on the Microsoft Store. A color theme suite assessor and comparer featuring fine adjustability and realistic layout previews is midway through development. A music collection custom organizer plus player is in early stages of development. Several scientific and engineering design aid applications are in early development of concepts, scope, features, and implementations.

Kestrel Aware, LLC

Personal Media Artist and Developer
February 2012 - December 2015 (3+ years)
Lynchburg, Virginia Area

Kestrel Aware LLC operations and missions were the predecessors to Talon 38 Personal Media activities, mentioned above. Three music albums were published, but no software applications under development were matured to completion and final form suitable for Store publishing. However, great skills with WPF, WinRT, XAML, and VB.NET were gained while working on several advanced applications. Also, no essays or books were published, though a great deal of foundational draft writing was accomplished. All Kestrel Aware projects became transferred to Talon 38 Personal Media, so in that sense there was no failure, gladly. Kestrel Aware was a partnership, and my partner became prohibited from employment outside his federal employee status, by a sudden policy change. This resulted in the need for a complete overhaul and change of company structure and model to fit sole proprietorship operations, and dissolution of Kestrel Aware toward formation of a new company was the path I chose.

Applied Research Associates Incorporated

Administrative Assistant Basic
July 2009 - July 2012 (3 years 1 month)
Raleigh, North Carolina Area

This was my second term of employment with Applied Research Associates. ARA supported me with a minimum wage occasional-time position, with great latitude and freedom to work between zero and sixteen hours per week, being paid only for those hours I did manage to work and being always tasked on project support functions not time critical. This arrangement was made while I was still significantly disabled and was custom tailored to my then great difficulty in meeting arrival times without tardiness, and to my then especially greater difficulty in lasting the duration of a normal workday. I worked only several hours per week, as I was able. I enjoyed working on a variety of projects in administrative support roles, and I was pleased to be able to contribute to important work with my engineering and computer skills. Due to disability, during many weeks I was unable to assist as much as I would have liked, but at other periods I was able to contribute significantly, which I enjoyed.

Azimuth Blue, LLC

Personal Media Artist and Developer
June 2003 - June 2009 (6 years 1 month)
Brookneal, Virginia

I greatly enjoyed my first venture in launching, owning, and steering my own company - Azimuth Blue LLC - and I learned much from the experience. With the company I offered software titles and photographic scenic prints. The company enjoyed an aggressive start, and I was very productive toward initial goals. I took quickly and honed skills with business management, scheduling, coordination, marketing, financial matters, and the growing and changing ways of online internet business. Unfortunately, my disability worsened greatly less than a year after launching company operations. I chose to shut down company operations, as I was unable to maintain reasonable upkeep of the company.

Applied Research Associates Incorporated

Senior Weapons Effects Engineer
October 2002 - May 2003 (8 months)
Raleigh, North Carolina Area

This was my first term of employment with Applied Research Associates. As a weapons effects engineer, I enjoyed contributing to a valuable and very effective software suite which used advanced engineering and physics techniques to predict hostile weapons effects against protective structures, with the benefit of aiding in improving the design and construction of such protective structures. I gladly was able to leverage my experience and skills with contemporary combat air-delivered weaponry to aid the effort. The work was excellent and rewarding with a great company and team. However, six months into my work and duties in this position, I chose to resign on good terms, due to increasing difficulties with medical disability.

Araccel Corporation

Chief of Software Quality Assurance
September 1999 - August 2002 (3 years)
Cary, North Carolina Area

After leaving military service, I joined MiniDoc, which provided excellent services, software suites, and clinical patient electronic diaries to support pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations in their efforts with clinical trials for new medications under development. Midway through my time there, MiniDoc was acquired by Araccel, with efforts continuing toward the same mission and services. I initially served as a Software Applications Tester, and then later served as a Software Applications Developer. I applied Oracle 8i, ADO.NET, VB and C# languages, and object oriented event driven programming, to several advanced data entry and management systems. With time, I served as Chief of Quality Assurance and in charge of all Araccel software testing and quality issues.

391st Fighter Squadron, U.S. Air Force

F-15E Evaluator Pilot (Chief of Standardization/Evaluation)
January 1995 - December 1998 (4 years)
Mountain Home, Idaho

After my military move from the United Kingdom to Idaho, I served as combat pilot for the 391st Fighter Squadron, flying the F-15E Strike Eagle multi-role fighter aircraft. I was part of the composite wing there, and I benefited from great integrated training with our collocated units of KC-135 refueling tankers, B-1Bbombers, F-15C air-to-air fighters, and F-16C multi-role fighters. I served in several deployments to Turkey and Saudi Arabia to support No-Fly Zones. While in Idaho, I progressed to 4-ship flight lead, large force mission package commander, instructor pilot, GBU-15 pilot, functional check flight (test) pilot, and evaluator pilot. I served as squadron chief of standardization/evaluation, and also as evaluation specialist for the 366th Composite Wing.

492nd Fighter Squadron, U.S. Air Force

F-15E Flight Lead (Chief of Mission Planning)
January 1993 - January 1995 (2 years 1 month)
RAF Lakenheath, United Kingdom

After Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT), Basic Fighter Training (BFT) and F-15E Training, I served my first tour as Mission Ready pilot for the 492nd Fighter Squadron, flying the F-15E Strike Eagle multi-role fighter aircraft. I served in many deployments to Turkey and to Italy to support No-Fly Zones. I began as a brand-new wingman, and then later upgraded to 2-ship flight lead. Primarily, our deployments during that time period were to fly Combat Air Patrol (CAP) over Bosnia, and also to fly airstrikes in the Bosnia area, to defend enclaves from hostile factions. During this two year long period, peer aviators who discovered I had an off-duty hobby of coding software with Visual Basic 3 approached me asking if on an unofficial and informal basis I could develop software to meet certain educational and planning needs. I launched two efforts: the Target Pod Simulator, and the Radar Elevation Simulator. Both were advanced angle calculation applications and working on both involved an entire spectrum of concerns involved in wrapping up such projects, and thus were my first full software engineering efforts.

Wright Research and Development Center, U.S. Air Force

Airframe Propulsion Integration Engineer
January 1989 - December 1990 (2 years)
Dayton, Ohio Area

After graduating with my Master of Science in Aeronautical Engineering, I served as an aircraft nozzle aerodynamics specialist at the Air Force Flight Dynamics Laboratory. I enjoyed my primary contribution, which was designing and performing a large suite of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analyses for military fighter aircraft thrust-vectoring engine exhaust nozzle designs. I also designed wind tunnel force balances and performed National Aerospace Plane propulsion analyses. I was lead author for a journal article in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). [Reference: AIAA Journal of Aircraft, Vol. 28, no. 11, pp. 768-773, 1990, Computation of Vectoring Nozzle Performance, Lt. P.L. Cheatham, Marvin Gridley, and Steve Walker]


Street and Postal Address

Talon 38 Personal Media LLC

Attn: Patrick L. Cheatham

963 South Ivory Circle

Apt A

Aurora, CO 80017-3535

Email Address